13 Best Tech Sales Bootcamp

As the world continues to change and technology advances, so does the landscape of sales.

To stay ahead of the curve and be successful in this field, it’s important to have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge. That’s where tech sales Bootcamps come in.

Tech sales Bootcamps typically are Bootcamps that are designed to teach you the latest sales strategies and technologies so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

To help you find the right Bootcamp for your career, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best tech sales Bootcamps, along with my Best 5 choices.

When choosing a Tech Sales Bootcamp, there are so many choices to compare.

But all of them offer the same goal: to help everyone who wants to get into the tech sales business.

This Tech Sales Bootcamp review will give you 2 key points:

  1. How to pick the best Bootcamp for you.
  2. Which Bootcamp is the cheapest for you to save money.

What is considered the best Bootcamp?

The best Bootcamp should offer the best curriculum, great job placement assistance, and a very reasonable price.

Our top picks are CourseCareers, Careerist, Clarusway, SalesPlatoon, and School16.

These Bootcamps offer the most reasonable price with the best output when it comes to the success of their graduates landing a career in tech sales.

And here is our top picks for the Best Tech Sales Bootcamp.

  • CourseCareers
  • Careerist
  • SalesPlatoon
  • Clarusway
  • School16
  • Springboard
  • Uvaro
  • PreSaleAcademy
  • Hyrise
  • VictoryLap
  • Flockjay
  • SVAcademy
  • Elevate
  • PreHired


Their curriculum is created by sales experts, with input from some of the top tech companies.

They offer an intense, immersive 4-week program that would get you up to speed on the latest sales techniques and technologies.

The curriculum is offered part-time so Bootcamp students can also do self-paced lessons as their program is flexible and 100% online.

Key features:

After completing the curriculum, you are eligible to apply for their internship program where you can apply all that you learned, gain practical experience, and also be able to learn much more in the business.

And once you’re complete, their focus is to support you and get you into your first tech sales job such as customer success manager, sales development representative, sales associate, sales manager, or even become sales executive.

CourseCareers’ job placement assistance is the best out there.

Companies that CourseCareers partners with, offer a guaranteed interview with their Bootcamp graduates which boosts their chances of landing their new career in the tech sales business.


CourseCareers offers two payment options:

  1. Upfront Payment – $499.00
  2. Bi-Weekly Payment Plan – 4 Bi-Weekly Payment of $150.00 (total of $600.00)

They also have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you’re making the right investment.

Click on this link to get a $50 discount when enrolling in CourseCareers. (Coupon Code: SHANE50)

Reviews and Testimonials:

These are only a few of the many testimonials about CourseCareers.

With its proven track record, CourseCareers is the best Tech Sales Bootcamp right now.

Number two on the list is.

2. Careerist

The Careerist tech sales Bootcamp offers its students an immersive, 4-week course that also covers everything from the basics of sales to the advanced techniques required to succeed in this industry.

The Bootcamp is a comprehensive sales training program that will give its students the classroom live instruction and hands-on experience they need to succeed.

This Bootcamp is perfect for those who want to start their profession in tech sales or transition into tech sales from another field.

Careerist’s courses are created to help you get a job in a mid-level tech sales position. The program’s built-in internship and resume development help their Bootcamp students to be successful in their future job employment search.

Key features:

They also offer internships, one of the most invaluable experiences when attending Bootcamps.

Though we’re not 100% sure if it’s a paid internship. But it will still help you land a career in tech sales.


Careerist offers 2 payment options:

  1. Upfront Payment – $3,799.00
  2. Split Payment – Two payments of $2,099 (Total of $4,198)

Many of their graduates landed a career in tech sales as Sales Development Representative.

So, Careerist deserves the second spot as one of the best tech sales Bootcamps right now.

3. SalesPlatoon

Salesplatoon tech sales Bootcamp is designed specifically for veterans, and the curriculum is tailored to their unique skills and experiences.

The training lasts for 6-14 weeks and is led by a team of experienced tech sales professionals who are committed to helping veterans succeed

In addition to the Bootcamp, Salesplatoon offers several other resources and services to support veterans in their tech sales careers.

Key features:

Aside from helping their graduates land a career in tech sales, they are also dedicated to helping their fellow veterans transition from military life to civilian life.

Because they know how hard it is for military vets to get a decent job after retiring from the military.


There are three payment options in SalesPlatoon:

  1. Pay it forward – $150.00
  2. Sales Team Six – $300.00
  3. Top Gun Academy – $500.00

Sponsors will help you pay for your course.

Non-veterans can also avail of their course through “Sales Team Six” and “Top Gun” Academy.

Reviews and Testimonials:

With their proven track record of helping veterans, SalesPlatoon is one of the best Tech Sales Bootcamp right now.

4. Clarusway

Clarusway provides a variety of remote courses like software development programs, cybersecurity, data science, and more, which you can attend part-time or full-time to help you launch your career in the sales business that would last for about 6 months depending on the student’s skill level.

Their tech sales Bootcamp helps you develop your skills and will teach you everything you need to know about the sales business, from the basics of sales and marketing to advanced sales strategies.

Key features:

Their curriculum is packed with the tools you need to succeed in the sales business.

These tools are one of the essential things you need in the sales business.


They have four payment options:

  1. Up Front Tuition – $11,400.00
  2. Installment Plan – Apply on their website to check their terms
  3. Student Loan – Apply on their website to check their terms
  4. Income Share Agreement – Apply on their website to check their terms

All three other payments depend on the students after applying for their course.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Most of the reviews aren’t really that useful info. But still, their mentorship and the curriculum itself indicate that it’s a legit Bootcamp that helps people succeed in the sales business.

5. School16.

School16 is an online tech sales Bootcamp that lasts up to 8-16 weeks and can be taken full-time or part-time.

You will have an immersive and hands-on learning experience that will prepare you for a successful career in the tech industry.

Their curriculum is designed to give you an understanding of tech marketing, sales, operations, and product management from their in-house experts.

The Bootcamp also has an online digital marketing concentration course to help you secure a marketing career in tech sales.

Key features:

This intense training helps students learn all they need to succeed in the marketing business.


School16 has three payment options:

  1. Payment plan – $967 per month
  2. Scholarship Grants – 10$-50% discount off tuition
  3. Financing – Fixed monthly payment for 6-36 months.

Their default payments are these three but you can also pay $3,500.00 upfront.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Most of their graduates also find School16 helpful to their success in the tech sales business.
Some were happy with their mentorship program, some were also satisfied with the tools, experience, and knowledge they learned in School16.
Overall, School16 is definitely a tech sales Bootcamp you can consider.

6. Springboard

The Springboard program is a 100% online and self-paced course. It can be completed part-time and full-time by anyone. The school has also designed this Bootcamp to give you the best educational experience possible.

Their program is remote, so all the content is delivered through videos, articles, PDFs, downloadable workbooks, and more. This means you can complete it at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Their tech sales program is designed to improve their student’s sales skills and knowledge. They are also taught by experienced sales professionals and cover a variety of topics, including product knowledge, customer service, and closing techniques.

Springboard also offers a variety of programs like coding Bootcamp, software engineering programs, digital marketing, and data science to further enhance your technology skills and knowledge.

And once you’re complete with the course, Springboard will help its Bootcamp graduates land their first sales career with their interview prep and job placement coaching.

They are very focused on developing their student’s potential with their curriculum.

And also, with their 1-on-1 coaching during the training, students will really be able to know how to do things accordingly.

And Springboard is also backed by a job guarantee. All payments will be refunded if you don’t settle a job 6 months after you graduate.


Springboard offers three payment options:

  1. Upfront – $7,000.00 ($2,000.00 discount before Nov.1)
  2. Month to month – $8,000.00 ($2,000.00 discount before Nov.1)
  3. Deferred tuition plan – $428.00 per month capped at $7,900.00
  4. Climb Credit Loan – $40-$108.00 per month capped at $9,095-$10,878.00

All monthly payments will only start after landing a job but the deferred tuition plan and Climb Credit Loan are only available for U.S. Citizens.

Reviews and Testimonials

Springboard graduates really did find success in their respective careers after the training.

The only downside of Springboard is its price. But if you managed to land a job after completing the course, then it is 100% worth it.

Overall, Springboard is definitely one you could consider.

7. Uvaro

Uvaro is a 4-week intensive training program. Students will have to attend 2 hours a day classes for 5 days for a total of 10 hours a week via online classes.

You will be able to learn the common Software as a Service (Saas) tools and terminologies.

Their highly hands-on approach will allow you to apply the skills you’ve learned in their Sales Residency Program which is where you can be paid and also gain experience working like a true tech sales representative.

With live instruction, their top-notch instructors will make sure to support you in getting the most out of your experience.

Uvaro also provides one-on-one coaching, interview prep, and employment assistance to help support their student settle into their new career in this business.

Key Features:

Along with their intensive training, Uvaro also offers paid internships, which is one of the most important factors when choosing a Bootcamp.


Uvaro offers two payment options:

  1. Upfront Payment – $6,000.00
  2. Monthly Payment – $250.00 per month for 25 months

Uvaro is also a bit expensive but with their paid internship, their price is reasonable compared to the other Bootcamps.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Here are some live interviews with Uvaro graduates. These are true people who have found success after graduating from Uvaro tech sales Bootcamp.

Overall, Uvaro tech sales Bootcamp is also one you can consider.

8. PreSaleAcademy

PreSales Academy is an 8-week, part-time online tech sales Bootcamp. It is designed to help sales professionals at all levels close more sales and succeed in today’s tech-driven marketplace.

The program is a mix of live and self-paced learning and covers topics such as product knowledge, sales strategies, objection handling, and more. There are also weekly coaching calls with sales experts, so you can get feedback and guidance on your progress.

Key features:

Their curriculum is best for people who are already in the tech business.

With their variety of services offered, it’ll help you get started in your new profession. They’ll also help you build your resume and prepares you for your interview to secure a job after completing the course.


PreSaleAcademy offers three payment options:

  1. Upfront tuition – $7,000.00
  2. Split payment – Two payments of $3,500.00
  3. Income Share Agreement – 10% of your monthly income capped at $11,000.00

With the Income Share Agreement option, you only have to pay IF you mane $75,000.00 a year or $6,250.00 a month.

Here are some of their graduates who successfully transitioned from another field into tech sales.

Overall, PreSaleAcademy is also a good tech sales Bootcamp when it comes to producing a quality training.

9. Hyrise

It offers its Bootcamp students a comprehensive, 12-week course that covers everything from the basics of sales to the advanced techniques required to succeed in the tech industry even without sales experience.

Hyrise Academy’s curriculum includes modules on customer relationship management, sales process, strategies, and more.

The curriculum is supplemented also with weekly guest lectures from industry experts where their students can learn everything they need to know about the business and also some employment strategies.

Key features:

After landing a job in tech sales, Hyrise will ensure you’re performing to your full potential with their On-the-job training, which is really helpful to your success in the industry.


Hyrise hasn’t shared any price information on its website, but applicants can check to see if they’re qualified for their free training.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Here are some of the graduates of Hyrise that are now already in the tech sales industry.

Overall, Hyrise is a legit tech sales Bootcamp that helps people land their careers in the tech sales business.

10. VictoryLap

The Victory Lap sales Bootcamp is a 5-week training that offers an immersive and comprehensive curriculum. It is designed to provide their Bootcamp students with a thorough education in technology sales

The curriculum covers topics such as lead generation, the sales process, objection handling, and closing deals.

Their sales training also includes a full-scale mentoring program that matches each student’s comprehensive ability taught by their experienced instructors.

Key features:

After completing their intensive program, Victory lap provides one-on-one coaching and employment assistance to help support their graduates to land a career in the sales business.


VictoryLap offers three payment options:

  1. Income Share Agreement – 8% of monthly salary capped at $15,000.00
  2. Contingent Payment Plan – $416.67 per month for 24 months or $208.33 a month for 48 months.
  3. Upfront Payment – $5,889.00

With Income Share Agreement and Contingent Plan, VictoryLap lets you pay after you landed your first job after graduating in their Bootcamp.

Most of VictoryLap graduates found success in different roles in the sales industry.

Overall, VictoryLap is also considered a good tech sales Bootcamp.

11. Flockjay

Flockjay offers a 10-week part-time online sales training that covers all aspects of sales development representative, from finding leads to closing deals.

Students will learn all the tools they need, gain access to a network of top companies, and will have personalized mentorship to help them gain the knowledge and skills needed to secure a job in the sales business.

After completing the course, Flockjay will help you land a job in tech sales with their job placement assistance from interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more.

Key Features

Their training is designed to help individuals and companies succeed in the sales business.


There’s no price information on their website but based on google, their price is around $7,650.00.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Flockjay graduates also succeed in their respective careers in tech sales.
So clearly, Flockjay is a decent tech sales Bootcamp that helps people succeed in the tech industry.

12. SVAcademy

SVAcademy sales Bootcamp offers 4-week full-time or part-time which would last up to 8 weeks.

Their Bootcamp is created to develop its student’s technical and professional skills to prepare them for employment search through live online courses, mentoring, and virtual projects.

They are also supported by some of the leading SaaS companies such as Salesforce, Salesloft, Seismic, Gainsight, Talend, and Demandbase.

Key features:

Through their intensive training, students will have the knowledge they need to land a career in tech sales.

With their on-the-job coaching, SVAcademy ensures their graduates will have a smooth career path ahead of them.


SVAcademy also does not share its price information on its website. Although some reviews said it’s around $10,000.00.

If you want to know more about their price, you can just apply to their website.

Reviews and Testimonials:

These reviews and testimonials prove that SVAcademy is also a decent sales Bootcamp.

And now we are down to our last 2 Bootcamps that offer the most expensive training.

12. Elevate

Elevate Sales Bootcamp is a 10-week course that offers comprehensive and intensive coaching, covering everything from how to find and land a career in the tech business.

The course is led by experienced sales professionals and offers a lot of valuable information for anyone looking to get into tech sales.

The course then covers the different stages of the sales process, from finding leads to closing deals.

Key features:

Their curriculum includes lead generation, advanced prospecting, and cold calling. Which is very typical to have for a sales Bootcamp.


Elevate offers three payment options:

  1. Deferred tuition – $87-$250+ a month
  2. Retail Installment Contract (RIC) – $403 a month
  3. Upfront Payment – No actual price on their website

There are no specific timelines for their Deferred tuition and RIC on their website as well as the Upfront payment price.

Although many of the reviews said that their price would go around $25,000.00 which is very expensive for online training.

Reviews and Testimonials:

There are no testimonials from their graduates on their website so that’s something you should really want to see if you’re looking to enroll in a Bootcamp.

And these reviews are from CourseReport, which is also not really considered a decent review at all.

Overall, Elevate is not a recommended sales Bootcamp. There are so many options you can choose from that offer low prices with much greater feedback from the community.

13. Prehired

Prehired is a 6-12 weeks program that covers everything you need to know about tech sales. Their Bootcamp is focused on giving you proficiency with CRM tools, their science-based skills preparation, and job employment coaching.

But Prehired has a selective admission policy so, it’s quite difficult to get into their tech sales Bootcamp.

Key features:

Their Bootcamp is focused on helping their graduates land a job in tech sales but their curriculum is most likely similar to the other Bootcamps that only cost much less than PreHired.


PreHired offers two payment options:

  1. 60 Monthly Payments – $500 a month total of $30,000.00
  2. Upfront Payment – No actual price on their website

Their default payment, which is 60 monthly payments, is only offered in the US.
People outside the US who wants to avail of their program will have to pay upfront.

Reviews and Testimonials

Unlike Elevate, PreHired has a decent review from its graduates. Many of their Bootcamp have successfully landed a career in tech sales.

One of the downsides of PreHired is its price, the $30,000.00 total payment is very expensive for an online training. So, it is still not recommended.

Best Tech Sales Bootcamp Review (Summary)

When choosing a Bootcamp, focus on what that specific Bootcamp has to offer, check to see if their graduate’s reviews after completing their course, and also the price. You don’t have to pay any Bootcamp that would cost almost similar to a degree course.

If you’re looking for the best Tech Sales Bootcamp, I recommend CourseCareers.

It is the cheapest tech sales Bootcamp that offers very intensive training, also has a paid internship, and has the highest chance of landing a career in tech sales after completing the course.