How To Do Tech Sales

What Is Tech Sales and What are the Products Sold In Tech Sales?

Tech Sales is the process of selling hardware, software, and IT service. Unlike the traditional practice of sales wherein sales jobs are more focused on advertising and selling products/services, the tech sales process is more focused on introducing tech products/services as solutions to the problems of individuals/businesses.

Let’s dive deeper as to what are the products/services sold in tech sales:

1.) Software Solutions/Products– this is where tech companies install their computer software products to the client’s hardware or the software products/services are accessed by the client through Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is where the software functions through the vendor’s servers and is accessed by the client through the internet browser.

Example of Software Solutions/Products is Microsoft Office which was traditionally disseminated through an installer. An example of SaaS product on the other hand is Zoom, wherein individuals/businesses access it online through the payment process of subscription

2.) Hardware Products– are various types of tech hardware which are used to run, access and operate software solutions/products.

Examples are laptops, computers, mobile phones and other tangible tech products.

3.) Tech and IT Services– there are companies that rely on technological processes however they do not have enough tech support with a high tech background that can perform troubleshooting services on a regular basis. These companies then employ tech salespeople that specializes in IT services to help them in their technological predicaments.

Technology Sales Job Outlook

With the continuous rise of tech sales as a stable industry, multiple tech sales positions are in need of manpower!

According to, research have found out that the 5 biggest stocks by market cap in the S&P 500 are all companies from the tech industry. The 5 tech companies are: Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon.

Also, the job position of “Sales Engineer” which is tasked specifically to sell complex scientific and tech products or services has an employment growth projected to grow 6% from 2018 to 2028!

Case and point being, technology sales have a promisingly positive job outlook!

What’s Great About Tech Sales Jobs Anyways?

Listed below are a few reasons why a job in tech sales is definitely an amazing opportunity.

  1. Decent Average Salary

According to, a tech salesperson is capable of earning about $62, 831 on a yearly basis. Keeping in mind the fact that tech sales also has commission rates in its compensation package, the possibility of having a larger pay than the figure above is highly probable.

Also taking into consideration the competence of a person in this industry, higher paying positions also mean bigger pay for every promoted tech sales professional!

  1. Constant Professional DevelopmentTech sales is a highly competitive field and the target market of this field are people which are most likely highly specific with the tech they wish to use, tech salespeople can’t just rely on their savvy communication skills to close deals.To break into tech sales and continually crush the competition, tech sales professionals are always learning the new technology packages out there. Being able to understand the tech products/services you are selling is a must if you wish to be able to persuade your potential and existing customers to do business with you!
  2. Stable and Progressive IndustryAs mentioned earlier, tech sales has a promising outlook!To be a part of an industry that has high upside and very little risk is a great perk that most professionals dream of. Tech sales not only has a huge and growing market, it also shows potential of future stability and continued relevance in the society due to tech sales being reliant on… well, from the name itself, tech!Although a new business may pop up here and there in the near future, as long as technology is integrated in its process, tech sales professionals will always have a job!
  3. Job Enrichment while Improving Hard and Soft SkillsA job in tech sales has multiple tasks and responsibilities. Being in this field is very far from having a “Dead-End” job. Not only are the products/services you have to sell are the epitome of human innovation, but also, your daily tasks involve both intra- and interpersonal processes.From handling the subtleties of office reports, to meeting with clients, closing deals, handling negotiations, monitoring satisfaction ratings, and more… A tech sales rep will not get bored in this field!
  4. Having “Sales Experience”Most billionaires have one thing in common: they understand “SALES”.
    To be a part of tech sales, well from the name itself, you will be able to perform sales functions. In the short run, you provide value to your firm. In the long run, you become a professional that can recognize sales opportunities and not rely on salary as the only means to earn money.

Tech Sales Job Description: What Do Tech Sales Professionals Do?

Know the Tech Sales Process

Without relying on a ready-use CRM software, listed below is a brief overview as to what a tech sales representative do in an entire tech sales process:

  • Product SelectionIn this part, a tech sales rep is introduced to the product/service that he/she needs to sell. The tech sales rep is therefore tasked to study every aspect of the product/service, from knowing the terminologies needed to explain the product/service to actually being able to demonstrate processes necessary to close deals.
  • Qualifying LeadsAt this phase, the sales teams are tasked to qualify which of the multiple hot and cold leads have the highest probability of being actual clients. Sales experience plays a vital role here for every wrong qualification means wasted effort and time for the business.Usually, the job titles of “sales development representative” or “business development representative” are responsible for handling client contact.
  • Overcoming Objections.A career in tech sales is filled with objections. Even if there are thousands of leads being generated by the sales team, the number of potential closed deals just grows smaller as the sales funnel goes deeper.Tech sales reps must always be able to push through all the rejections and just keep selling software or tech services with the best sales methodologies they know to be successful in this field.
  • Closing.Not only are tech sales professionals responsible for gathering leads, but they should also be able to close negotiations too, especially if you are a tech sales rep sitting in a higher paying position.
  • Follow-Up and MonitoringThe sales pipeline does not end when the clients agree to have your products embedded in their process!Every competent personnel employed in a sales position knows that following up on clients and assuring they get the most out of the products and services they bought is a must. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction not only grants you a closed deal now, but also, more possible closed deals in the future too!


Career Change Guide: Breaking Into A Career In Tech Sales | Uvaro

Healthcare, food, automotive, engineering and other industries have long been part of the human world and society itself. However, the aforementioned fields and more have one thing in common: TECHNOLOGICAL INTEGRATION.

Technology has become an extension in how humans live and how we perform our daily tasks. The industries mentioned above have technology being integrated in most of its processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

That being said, TECH SALES JOBS and the TECH INDUSTRY itself has become a major part of the equation!

Any tech company, which is riding the waves of stable technological advancement, is in constant need of tech sales reps which will keep their businesses running. Hiring managers are always in the move to seek out qualified applicants and tech sales entry level positions are sprouting in great numbers everyday!

A successful tech sales career encompasses not only financial security, it also entails continuous career development and professional development due to the necessity for every tech sales professional to continuously be up to date with the industry knowledge in tech sales.

From being a great career path, to having a competitive pay and even having sufficient demand in manpower – A tech sales opportunity is something that you do not want to miss out!

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