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Digital Marketing is the promotion and selling of different brands’ products, services or content through the use of the internet and specifically, digital marketing channels.

It still follows the most common practices of traditional marketing methods but with the twist of integrating digital marketing strategies to increase overall effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Back in Ancient Civilization, people used to carry all their merchandise and go to kingdoms and towns to market their products. In the late 1900’s marketers started using newspapers, newspapers and billboards to promote their products and services. As the years go by, people adapted to whatever marketing strategy worked. That basically explains how digital marketing was brought to existence!

Since the establishment of the internet and the continuous innovation of our technology, people have been more reachable on the digital platforms. So instead of paying native advertising outrageous sums of money, digital marketing started becoming the better option!

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Let’s compare the difference between these two marketing practices.

Traditional Marketing Strategy

  1. Costs too much: Newspapers, Billboards, Flyers, Brochures, and other native advertising practices reduces overall profits
  2. ROI in traditional advertising is not measurable.
  3. Slower sales funnel process.
  4. Customer satisfaction is hard to track.
  5. Does not integrate the power of modern technology.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Reach multiple people all over the world in just a matter of seconds without spending huge amounts of money.
  2. ROI is definitely measurable thanks to the aid of Analytics Tools.
  3. Sales Funnel process is faster.
  4. Customer behavior and satisfaction is not only easy to track but the data can be derived in real-time speed thanks to new software/tools.
  5. Technology, specifically “marketing automation”, allows digital marketers to provide every marketing process which is necessary for every existing and potential customers, meeting detailed specifications and excellent performance quality in every transaction!

Digital Marketing Demand and Job Salary

Presented above is the number of LinkedIn discussions about DIGITAL MARKETING. Keep in mind that 168,292 results are IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE! This just shows how stable this field is and how much manpower it needs as of this very moment. As long as the business is capable of having a digital presence, there is a job for digital marketing professionals all over the world!

Digital Marketers, according to, are paid an average of $67,978 per year! For a white-collar job, that’s a pretty sweet deal!

It should also be noted that the field of digital marketing does not necessarily need people with an actual diploma. Imagine being able to land even just an entry-level job in digital marketing with that kind of pay?

Of course the compensation structure of every company varies and that may lead you to having higher or lower salary than the figures mentioned above, but whatever the case is, you can’t deny that is a pretty good yearly pay!

Types Digital Marketing

Listed below are digital marketing examples which might already be common to you especially if you are looking for a job!

Social Media Marketing

In 2021, 4.26 billion people were on social media platforms. That number is expected to increase to 6 billion in 2027. It is therefore smart to direct digital marketing efforts in these social media platforms because it is where billions of people are!

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media channels to promote and advertise products. From creating social media posts that play with what’s trending in social media, to answering direct messages from current and prospective customers, and even gathering information from analytics to improve social media marketing strategy, all of these are tasks of social media marketers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has the goal of ranking high in the results pages of search engines. How search engines work is that it uses web crawlers to index millions of websites so that it can return back to you relevant information based on the keywords or phrases you typed in.

From keyword bombing your blog posts, to improving the technical aspects of your web pages and even improving the loading speed of your website, these and more are some good SEO practices.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing refers to paid advertising to rank at the top of search engines. These digital advertising practices may be quite heavy on the wallet however it saves you much time in performing digital marketing efforts.

Unlike SEO that relies heavily on effort and time, a single payment can put you at the top of the search engine results page thanks to Search Engine Marketing. Yes it may be quite costly but a combination of inorganic and organic website traffic, depending on how a business plays these cards, can lead to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Here is an example of google ads:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating relevant, reliable and overall high-quality content for the target audience to consume. Whether you are creating a blog or you are trying to use content to promote your products, this is a cost-free and effective move that can easily give you new visitors/clients.

Content Marketing Campaigns is basically a combination of creativity in writing to not sound generic or monotonous but also being able to deliver understandable content consistently. Online Platforms is basically a library of content, it’s a matter of who stands out the most!

Mobile Marketing

This effective digital marketing strategy works specifically for internet users that rely on mobile devices or tablets. Mobile Marketing strategy reaches people through email, texts, social media, mobile apps and websites.

This type of digital marketing strategy tackles the opportunity of “portability”. These portable gadgets are most commonly near a person’s reach, which means that these are the best bridges to quickly reach someone.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of creating engaging and relevant emails to reach potential and existing customers. A digital marketer engaged in email marketing knows that emails should be specific and client-oriented. You just can’t send out random emails to random people! That’s basically the fastest way to be flagged as “SPAM”.

Nowadays, multiple email marketing automation and software are used to reach prospective customers in just a few seconds. These innovations ensure that the “specific and client-oriented” emails can be done consistently and with excellent quality.

Pros of Using Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Increase Brand Awareness-Technology is already a part of an average human’s daily life. Thanks to these digital marketing campaigns, increasing brand recognition is made easy because people “meet” virtually now. Brand owners do not need to hand out brochures and flyers to every passerby hoping to get a few seconds of attention.
  2. Higher Reach of Marketing Efforts in Just a Short Amount of Time-digital marketing tactics reaches people worldwide in just a few clicks. Thanks to the power of the internet, data can now travel anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and this basically is the epitome of great marketing channels.
  3. Cheap Marketing Efforts– Compared to the cost of paying a monthly rent of billboards, bills from news tabloids, cost of ink and paper for printing brochures, etc. Having effective digital marketing channels allowed business owners to reduce not only hassle but also expenses!
  4. Measurable Return of Investment- There are numerous digital tactics that a person can use nowadays, however it always boils down as to how much is the Return of Investment (ROI). Understanding whether your ROI is positive or negative helps you understand your business more and adjust your digital marketing tactic accordingly. Seeing information in a timely and organized manner avoids unnecessary costs and most importantly- business failure.
  5. Ease in Handling Multiple New and Existing CustomersThanks to marketing automation, digital marketing strategies are easily implemented no matter how big the volume is! Basically, digital marketing is already using the power of computer and other technological products, nowadays, actual software applications specifically for digital marketing campaigns are created which speeds up the process even further

Cons of Using Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Bigger Competition-the globalization of information also means the globalization of competition! To use the power of digital channels also means facing the competition from all over the world. Whoever has the best products, services and digital marketing techniques wins!
  2. Cyber Security and Privacy Problems– this is not just a digital marketing problem but everybody who uses the internet is subject to this problem. Scams in the forms of bogus buyers, bad products, payment issues and more are things that all of us must be vigilant of!
  3. Dependability on Technology– although there are many digital marketing channels, none of it would be accessible without the right technology. Whether the client or the digital marketer experiences connectivity issues, no matter how impeccable the digital strategy is, the transaction will be put on hold!
  4. Time-Consuming– from the perspective of a business owner, creating an effective digital marketing strategy takes hours of hard work and even multiple manpower. Even if you use paid targeted ads which is supposed to lessen the time of working on digital marketing tactics, the process of handling customers as a result of said paid ads will still consume hours and even days of your life!

Ending Note

Online channels are now the best possible way to market a person’s products/services! Everything about this thing called digital marketing exhibits EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS at the highest level.

It can also be concluded that nowadays, for a business to be globally competitive, you must be able to leverage digital marketing in your business processes.

However, as presented earlier, there are many types of digital marketing strategies. Each have their own pros and cons!

A business owner does not necessarily need to apply every type of digital marketing strategy that exists because that would be costly and counter-productive.

Rather, He/she must be able to quickly know what works and what doesn’t to ensure business success in the short and long run!

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