How To Learn Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is the process of performing marketing strategies and functions through the use of digital channels. A digital marketer performs all the strategies of traditional marketing while also inculcating the modern digital marketing skills to further improve results and efficiency of carrying on marketing practices.

Digital Marketing is a vast industry. With multiple functions and job roles to be filled out in its branches such as: Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Link Building, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and more– you know there’s a job waiting for you!

According to, Digital Marketers, as a whole, earn about $67,999 per year! With digital platforms being widely used right now, no wonder digital marketing professionals are in demand and are promised with such an amazing average annual pay!

Of course, an international or local business may have a different compensation structure which can be a reason why some digital marketers earn higher than the mentioned figures.


Listed below are the most effective and efficient ways for you to start learning digital marketing and become a good digital marketer with just a few days of your life and as little cost as necessary.

Join Digital Marketing Forums

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Try joining digital marketing forums. These forums may have inputs of numerous people which have various backgrounds and expertise on digital marketing as a whole, or on specific branches of digital marketing!

This is the first best source we can suggest because aside from the fact that it is free, digital marketing strategy and digital marketing topics are sometimes discussed deeply in these forums. Ideas and events presented here, thanks to actual digital marketers that are active in these discussions, are actually what occurs in the real-life online marketing channels!

With possibly hundreds of ideas and heads up you can get from actual experienced professionals in digital marketing, you get a good grasp as to what you have to expect in these fields.

Build Your Foundation With Free Resources

YouTube - Apps on Google Play

Learning digital marketing courses in some free resources is not a waste of time as long as you choose the relevant and legit ones! Valuable insights can be gained from these free resources and the best part about it is that you get to learn digital marketing without spending a single penny.

Free resources can come in the form of: a Youtube channel teaching digital marketing courses, reddit posts containing in depth digital marketing information, Facebook groups, free Ebooks, digital marketing blogs, and more!

Even most social media platforms nowadays are filled with links that point to multiple digital marketing knowledge resources.

Basically, the entire digital world is a library filled with digital marketing books if you just search diligently!

Watch Digital Marketing Webinars

Webinar Marketing 101: How to Sell Anything with Webinars

Learning digital marketing can also be done through watching free or paid digital marketing webinars. These webinars are usually hosted by digital marketing professionals who will teach you digital marketing fundamental skills, actual digital marketing strategies, and/or digital marketing trends and innovations!

However, every digital marketing webinar, especially the paid ones, must always be scrutinized before subscribing in!

Choose the legit sources of digital marketing information so that you will not be wasting your time and money for information that is either useless, redundant, obsolete or a total scam.

Get Enrolled in Paid or Free Digital Marketing Courses and Boot Camps

Online Bootcamps 1 - DIGIFED

Whether it be a paid or free course, learning digital marketing platforms have been made accessible thanks to the online courses on the web!

These digital marketing courses, certification and boot camps contain valuable knowledge in the form of video tutorials, softcopies of learning materials, etc. which digital marketers must consume to be ready not only for the job itself but for the hiring process as well.

Most digital marketing courses/boot camps have their syllabus divided in different branches. For example: Chapter 1 might be an introduction as to what digital marketing is; Chapter 2 is fully dedicated to email marketing; Chapter 3 is focused on content marketing and so on.

Another feature that these digital marketing courses, certification and boot camps take pride on is the certificate which they give their enrollees after they finish the entire learning curriculum. This certificate serves as a proof that a certain person has the necessary competencies of a skilled digital marketer.

Let’s dig deeper and discuss the pros and cons about digital marketing courses, boot camp and certification…

Pros About Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps

Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps are cheaper than actually going to a university.

Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps only teach relevant knowledge and skills you will need in the actual field of practice.

Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps takes much less time to finish

Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps usually understand how the online marketing ecosystem works. This boosts your chances of landing a job right after finishing their syllabus/curriculum.

Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps are usually acknowledged by a lot of employers and they are willing to give you a decent pay even for a mere entry-level role.

Cons About Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps

Basically, you just have to find a legit Digital Marketing Certification/Course/Boot Camp. There are a lot of these types of learning resources which are offering irrelevant and redundant information.

Some of these are even scams which are only after the subscription fee they ask at the beginning of your enrollment. Again, use the power of the internet to check the legitimacy and ratings of these digital marketing certifications/courses/boot camps.

Can Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps Replace a College Diploma?

Certificate vs Diploma. What is the difference?

The simple answer is “NO“. No other way around it.

An actual diploma will usually weigh heavier especially with how our society works in today’s world. Universities and colleges are still labeled as the most accredited knowledge-providers.

Also, it should be noted that even if you finish all the courses, a few months of online learning can’t teach you everything about digital marketing.

However, keeping in mind the very little investment you need to turn your life around for the better thanks to Digital Marketing Certifications/Courses/Boot Camps, IT IS DEFINITELY A GREAT DEAL!

Three digital marketing strategies for attracting customers - Agility PR  Solutions

Now that I listed most of the technical learning sources, it’s time to get hands on!

Gaining experience from engaging in related projects to learn digital marketing is a good move. Whether you want to create your own business online or even just your own blog from scratch, as long as you perform related digital marketing functions, it’s already a commendable start!

The best thing about this move is that you might just land actual customers while gaining practical experience and building your own work portfolio!

Showing people that you can execute digital marketing techniques is basically the most important credential there is in a digital marketing career. As a matter or fact, experience usually has bigger merit than 10 digital marketing certifications combined!

Which brings this discussion to the next point…

Work With Experienced Digital Marketers and Digital Marketing Influencers

What is Mentoring? | ATD

Most professionals of every field have a mentor they learned a lot from!

Having mentorship from a great digital marketing expert not only helps you learn digital marketing, but they also show you what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing field.

A digital marketing professional is not only made of technical knowledge, but they have invaluable experiences in the digital marketing world!

Their presence will hasten your learning curve while ensuring that your performance is up to par in the digital world’s demand.

So if you are already on the stage of working with digital marketing professionals, try squeezing out as much knowledge as you can by sticking with the excellent ones.

A complete win-win situation is defined by not merely earning from a job, but also growing as a professional as you come to work daily!

How Long Does It Take to Learn Digital Marketing?

Learning is a lifelong process!

Any professional from any field, no matter how seasoned they are already- ARE ALWAYS OUT FOR NEW KNOWLEDGE!

As mentioned earlier, to learn digital marketing in boot camps or courses, you will need about 7 months of studying and practicing.

Depending on your capability to absorb knowledge, availability per day and overall meticulousness with the type of knowledge you wish to gain, the number of days required in the tedious learning process may vary greatly.

Be that as it may, the attempt to answer the question: “HOW TO LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING?does not end once you start looking for a client or employer!

Every single day as you perform your digital marketer duties, you will constantly encounter multiple things that will continually develop your understanding about digital marketing.

Whether it may be in the form of a task from your employer, a new digital marketing application, a client request, or something else… THE LEARNING PROCESS DOES NOT STOP!


Learning digital marketing is definitely a good deal. Not only can you find an exciting passion to pursue, you might also find a high paying job offer to make it worth your while.

Whether you use the knowledge you gain in your own blog, your own business, or your own digital marketing masterclass- having the right foundation of knowledge comes first if you want to succeed in any aspect of life!

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