20 Side Hustle Ideas You Need to Check This 2024

Think a little extra cash is out of reach? Think again! With a bit of initiative, you can build a healthy income stream outside your regular work schedule. The opportunities in 2024 are surprisingly diverse and profitable. We’re going to uncover some good options – those overlooked side hustles with the potential to make a real difference in your bank account.

Side Hustles with Unexpected Earning Power

Side Hustle #1: Roadkill Collector

The Job: It’s not glamorous, but someone’s gotta do it. Roadkill collectors clear roadways of animal carcasses, often under contract with local governments or wildlife agencies.

Income Potential: Pay varies wildly. Newcomers might supplement their income, while seasoned professionals in high-demand areas can potentially pull in six figures annually.

Is It For You? This hustle takes a strong stomach and a willingness to work unusual hours. If you understand the regulations in your area and aren’t squeamish, it might be surprisingly good.

Side Hustle #2: Graffiti Removal Specialist

The Job: Keeping public and private spaces clean and inviting is the goal. Graffiti removal specialists use a variety of techniques and specialized chemicals to erase unwanted artwork.

Income Potential: Most specialists charge by the project, with potential for high hourly rates depending on the complexity of removal .

Is It For You? This side hustle suits those who are detail-oriented and enjoy physically demanding work outdoors. If you have some knowledge of cleaning techniques and are willing to invest in equipment, this niche could be profitable.

Side Hustle #3: Pool Cleaner

The Job: Keep those backyard oases sparkling! Pool cleaners handle everything from routine chemical checks and cleaning to equipment maintenance and occasional repairs.

Income Potential: Most cleaners charge hourly rates, although some offer package deals. Top earners can bring in six figures annually, especially in areas with long pool seasons .

Is It For You? If you live in a region with lots of pools, enjoy meticulous work, and are comfortable interacting with clients, this hustle could be your ticket to a healthy side income.

Black Outdoor Lounge Chair in Between Blue Swimming Pool Under White Cloudy Blue Sky

Side Hustle #4: Home Painting Business

The Job: Transform homes with a fresh coat of paint! Home painting businesses cover interiors, exteriors, and sometimes even specialized projects like cabinetry and trim.

Income Potential: Painters can charge hourly or per project, with higher rates for skilled work or larger homes. Dedicated hustlers can earn comfortable incomes, especially in areas with high demand .

Is It For You? This hustle rewards those with an eye for detail, precision, and the ability to manage client expectations. If you have basic painting skills, are willing to build your knowledge base, and enjoy the satisfaction of a completed project, this could be a very profitable path.

Side Hustle #5: Trash Collector

The Job: It might not be glamorous, but trash collection is an essential service with a surprising range of options. You could go the traditional route with a waste management company, focus on niche collection (like construction debris), or even offer a premium residential pick-up service.

Income Potential: Pay varies depending on the type of collection. Residential routes may offer steady but lower pay, while niche services allow for higher per-project pricing .

Is It For You? This side hustle suits those who don’t mind early hours and physical labor. If you’re reliable, enjoy being outdoors, and potentially see yourself running your own pick-up routes, this field has untapped potential.

A Person Standing on Green Grass Field Putting Trash Inside the Garbage Bag

Lower Barrier-to-Entry Side Hustles

Side Hustle #6: Lawn Care Specialist

The Job: Keep those lawns lush! Lawn care specialists handle everything from mowing and trimming to edging, weeding, and even seasonal treatments.

Income Potential: Most lawn care professionals charge hourly rates. Income can increase as you expand your services or build a steady client base.

Is It For You? This side hustle is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind physical work. If you have some basic lawn care knowledge and are good at marketing your services, the potential for growth is significant.

Man Holding Orange Electric Grass Cutter on Lawn

Side Hustle #7: Gutter Cleaner

The Job: Keep those gutters clear and protect homes from water damage. Gutter cleaners remove leaves, debris, and blockages, ensuring proper rainwater flow.

Income Potential: Most gutter cleaners charge per linear foot or by the hour. It might be seasonal work, but rates can be surprisingly good for the time invested.

Is It For You? If you’re comfortable with heights, have some basic ladder safety knowledge, and own the necessary tools (or are willing to invest), this hustle offers quick returns.

Side Hustle #8: Curb Address Painting

The Job: Help homeowners and emergency services find addresses with ease! Curb address painters use stencils and specialized paint to create clear, uniform numbers.

Income Potential: This hustle is all about efficiency. Charge per address, and you could bring in a decent hourly rate with minimal setup .

Is It For You? If you have good attention to detail, enjoy a fast-paced side gig, and don’t mind the occasional “odd” request, curb painting could be a surprising way to make extra cash.

Side Hustle #9: Trash Can Cleaning

The Job: Keep those bins smelling fresh and free of grime! Trash can cleaners utilize specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to sanitize and deodorize residential and commercial bins.

Income Potential: Most cleaners charge per bin, offering the opportunity to build recurring revenue with regular routes .

Is It For You? This hustle suits those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty (figuratively speaking!). If you’re self-motivated, have access to the necessary equipment, and see the value in a niche service, this could be a surprisingly profitable venture.

Skill-Based Hustles

Skill-Based Hustle #1: IT Services

The Job: The tech troubleshooter! IT services cover a wide range, from computer repair and network setup to software installation and data recovery.

Skills/Equipment: Specific knowledge varies by your chosen niche. Basics include hardware troubleshooting, software expertise, and possibly specialized diagnostic tools.

Income Potential: IT professionals often charge hourly rates, with higher fees for complex issues. Building a reputation and specializing can significantly increase your earning potential.

Is It For You? This hustle is ideal for the tech-savvy and those who enjoy solving problems. If you already have some IT knowledge, are constantly learning, and have good client communication skills, this field offers excellent income opportunities.

Laptop Computer Showing C++ Application

Skill-Based Hustle #2: Junk Removal Service

The Job: Clear out the clutter! Junk removal specialists haul away unwanted items, from old furniture and appliances to construction debris and yard waste.

Skills/Equipment: Beyond physical strength, safe lifting techniques are crucial. You’ll need access to a truck or trailer, basic tools, and possibly specialized equipment depending on the types of items you handle.

Income Potential: Most junk removal services charge by volume or per item. There’s potential to increase earnings by reselling salvageable items or partnering with recycling facilities.

Is It For You? This hustle rewards those who are physically fit, organized, and not afraid of a little grime. If you have a knack for logistics, enjoy interacting with clients, and see opportunities beyond just disposal, junk removal could be a good money-making path.

Skill-Based Hustle #3: Appliance Repair

The Job: Keep homes humming! Appliance repair technicians diagnose and fix problems with everything from refrigerators and ovens to washers and dryers.

Skills/Equipment: This hustle requires strong mechanical aptitude, knowledge of electrical systems, and specialized diagnostic tools. Staying updated on common issues with various brands is also key.

Income Potential: Appliance repair pros typically charge hourly rates or flat fees per job. Experienced technicians in high-demand areas can earn a comfortable income.

Is It For You? If you’re a natural problem-solver, enjoy hands-on work, and have the technical know-how (or are motivated to learn), appliance repair offers the chance to build a valuable and in-demand skill set.

Skill-Based Hustle #4: Mobile Phone Repair

The Job: From cracked screens to faulty batteries, mobile phone repair technicians fix the devices we rely on daily.

Skills/Equipment: This hustle demands precision, knowledge of delicate components, and specialized tools. Staying up-to-date on the latest models and common issues is crucial for success.

Income Potential: Most technicians charge per repair, with rates varying based on the complexity of the issue and the phone model. Building a reputation for quality work can lead to consistent income.

Is It For You? If you have a steady hand, a knack for electronics, and enjoy solving intricate puzzles, mobile phone repair could be a profitable niche. The ability to source parts efficiently and provide quick turnaround times is also essential.

Man Repairing a Phone

Niche Hustles with High Potential

Niche Hustle #1: Specialized Cleaning Services

Think beyond regular house cleaning! Specialized cleaners focus on niches like post-construction cleanup, hoarding situations, or even crime scene sanitation. These services demand specific expertise and often command premium rates due to their unique nature.

Niche Hustle #2: Sofa Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning requires specialized knowledge and equipment that most homeowners don’t possess. Sofa cleaners focus on stain removal, deep cleaning, and fabric protection, extending the life of furniture and offering valuable peace of mind to clients.

Niche Hustle #3: Garage Organizer

Garages often become chaotic storage spaces, leaving homeowners overwhelmed. Garage organizers bring systems, shelving, and creative solutions to transform garages into functional and usable areas, offering a much-needed service.

Let me know if you’d like to see the rest of the niches expanded, or if there’s a particular one you’d like to explore in greater detail. Here are some ways we can enhance these even further:

Niche Hustle #4: Pet Waste Removal

Busy pet owners appreciate the convenience of this service, especially those with limited yard space or mobility challenges. Pet waste removal professionals handle the cleanup, ensuring yards stay sanitary and enjoyable for both pets and their humans. This niche benefits from a recurring service model, making it ideal for building a stable client base.

Niche Hustle #5: Mobile Car Detailing/Washing

People are willing to pay for convenience and a meticulous clean, especially when it comes to their vehicles. Mobile car detailers and washers bring their services directly to clients’ homes or workplaces, offering interior and exterior cleaning packages that range from basic washes to full-blown detailing.

Niche Hustle #6: Environmentally Friendly Diaper Service

Eco-conscious parents are a growing market segment, and diaper services address both environmental and convenience concerns. These services provide reusable cloth diapers, handling the pickup, cleaning, and delivery process, offering a sustainable and hassle-free alternative to disposable diapers.

Niche Hustle #7: Furniture Restoration

Furniture restorers possess both craftsmanship and an eye for preserving or enhancing vintage pieces. They repair structural damage, refinish surfaces, and bring aged furniture back to its former glory, catering to clients seeking unique pieces with history and character. This niche taps into a growing appreciation for sustainability and the desire to keep well-crafted furniture in circulation.

Time to Take the Leap

Does finding extra income mean endless hours? We don’t think so! The side hustles we’ve explored prove that a variety of paths exist, matching different skills, lifestyles, and income goals. The key isn’t trying to do them all at once, but making calculated choices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Side Hustles for 2024

What if I don’t have any experience in these side hustles?

Don’t let that hold you back! Many side hustles welcome beginners. Focus on those with lower barriers to entry (like lawn care or curb painting). Online resources, short courses, or even shadowing a seasoned pro can help you gain the skills you need.

How do I find clients for my side hustle?

Start local! Your network is more powerful than you think. Use social media, flyers in community centers, or even word-of-mouth. Partnering with complementary businesses (like a pool cleaner teaming up with a landscaping company) can also expand your reach.

This varies depending on your hustle and location. Check for any licensing or insurance requirements. Setting up an official business structure (like an LLC) might offer tax benefits and liability protection as your hustle grows. Don’t be afraid to consult a local small business resource center for guidance.

How much time do I realistically need to commit?

Be honest with yourself! Some hustles (like IT services) can be unpredictable, while others (trash can cleaning) lend themselves to regular schedules. Start small and scale up as you find a rhythm that avoids burnout while delivering on client expectations.

What if I fail?

Reframe failure as learning! Even unsuccessful hustles teach you about marketing, pricing, and your own strengths. The key is adaptability. If something isn’t working, pivot – try a different niche, adjust your services, or revamp your client outreach strategy.

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