Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Are you planning to venture into tech sales and boost your career? Well, one of the must-try tech sales bootcamps today is offered by Elevate, which puts a premium on preparing you for a career with good pay in the tech industry.

But with a lot of tech sales bootcamps offered by industry experts today, is Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp worth your money? What sets it apart from its competition, and what can its students get after completing the course?

In this review, I am going to go into the details and examine whether the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp is definitely worth a try. Read on as I give you a comprehensive review of this tech sales training program. But before that, here’s a quick video about tech sales:

Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp: In a Nutshell

The program is an intensive 10-week course that focuses on helping tech sales professionals hone their skills and confidently land job interviews with the top companies in the industry.

The bootcamp covers key topics such as prospecting , presenting, closing and negotiating, as well as leveraging cutting-edge sales techniques, including objection handling. It also offers students the chance to network with experienced tech sales professionals and build a portfolio of real-world projects that can be used to demonstrate their skills.

Apart from training participants in technical sales skills, the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp also provides resources for job search and career management. This includes resume advice, interview tips and advice on networking with industry professionals.

Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp: Pros & Cons

Having gone through the features of Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp, here are some of the pros and cons that you should consider before signing up for the program:


The Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp provides comprehensive coverage of topics related to tech sales. It covers key topics such as prospecting, presenting, closing and negotiating, as well as leveraging cutting-edge sales techniques. The program also covers topics related to leveraging cutting-edge sales techniques such as selling through social media, using customer relationship management systems, and effectively managing customer relationships. All these topics are essential for any tech salesperson aiming to succeed in their career.

Real-world projects and networking opportunities

The Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp also provides qualified candidates with the chance to build a portfolio of real-world projects that can be used to demonstrate their skills. This is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and get noticed by top companies in the industry.

Networking opportunities with industry experts

The program also offers students the chance to network with experienced tech sales professionals and build a solid professional network. This is essential for getting ahead in the tech industry, as having a strong network of contacts can open up doors that might have otherwise been closed.


It is Expensive

If you wish to apply and learn the business and tricks of tech sales, prepare to slash at least 25,000 USD off your budget. The cost of the program is quite expensive, which could put it out of reach for many aspiring tech sales professionals. The tuition costs of other tech sales bootcamps are offered in lower amount, which could be seen as a hindrance for many to take the course. However, it should be noted that the learnings you will get from enrolling in the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp will be enormous. That should be enough to justify the costs involved in applying for this SDR BootCamp.

It is Time Consuming

The program is an intensive 10-week course and requires a considerable commitment in terms of time and effort. This may not be feasible for working professionals or people with other family commitments. So, if you are looking for a quick way to brush up on your tech sales skills, this program may not be the best option.

Interested about the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp? Here’s how it works

I like the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp’s streamlined application process. If you are interested to join, this is the process to get you in:


In order to qualify for the BootCamp, you need to complete an online application and hurdle your first interview with the Admissions Team of the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp. Here, you will be asked to present a video assignment to assess the applicant if he or she fits for any SDR role.

Is previous experience required? No prior experience is required to apply for the program. The Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp is open to anyone interested in learning about tech sales, regardless of background.

Attend Live Courses

Get the top-notch instruction you need with our 10 week course led by industry experts. Plus, benefit from a wide range of materials to support your learning experience – all without ever having to watch a single pre-recorded video!

Hiring Process

Start your career with a launchpad that will get you ready to soar! Their Alumni Success Team provides ongoing, lifelong support for your professional journey. You can join their network of partners and let us be part of the roadmap to success in your life.

Payment Options: Lowest Fixed Monthly Payments, and More

While it is true that one of the downsides of the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp is its tuition fee, the good news is that it provides a payment timeline so that you can afford to attend their SDR program. As such, retail installment contracts are thus on the plate in order for you to pay on a staggard basis without losing your chances of getting hired thereafter. It is simply an installment plan that enables you to make monthly payments for your program tuition. The minimum monthly payment amount and the length of the repayment term are based on the chosen program’s total cost. Under this, you’ll have the following options: start paying after graduation or opt for monthly payments.

Are Retail Installment Contracts Worth It?

Yes, retail installment contracts are a great way to finance one’s enrollment in the Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp. It enables you to spread out your program tuition payments over two semesters with low fixed monthly payments and no interest charges. This makes it easier for those who may not have the money up front to still attend their SDR program.

The Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp: The Final Verdict

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

Best Features: retail installment contracts, relevant curriculum

The Elevate Tech Sales Bootcamp is precisely fashioning itself as the tech sales BootCamp of the next generation. Its curriculum is designed to attract a company to get you hired, which makes it an impressive tech sales BootCamp. While the are many options in the internet today, choosing one of the best tech sales BootCamp is definitely a good idea. By enrolling at Elevate, you will have more options to choose from in the tech industry — and it is not just about cold calling! As an Elevate Climber, you will be given tools to upskill yourself in tech sales.

With an Elevate certification, you can spice up you Linkedin profile and launch your break in the tech industry! The various options for installments available for you, despite the high cost of tuition, is also remarkable. At the end of the day, the greatness of a program will be useless if you don’t commit to it. As it will teach you the hard skills to be successful in tech sales, the adding principle here is that success is reserved for those who worked incredibly hard to begin maintaining success in the industry.

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