Highest-paying Tech Sales Jobs

You’re likely a low man on the totem pole if your tech job is at a smaller organization. Earning a good income becomes even more difficult with limited access to decision-makers and clients. If you chose to use that as an excuse to accept any role that would have you, you’ve made a mistake. It would help if you were pursuing only the highest-paying tech sales jobs. In this article, we will discuss the top highest-paying tech sales jobs.

Before we dive into it, here’s a quick video about tech sales:

1. Global Account Executive

This is one the most senior highest paying sales job in the industry and involves selling directly to C-level executives at large companies. Account executives must be able to develop relationships with these high-level decision-makers, who often have yet to learn what they want or need. The ability to educate this audience on the benefits of technology is essential for success in this role.

2. Technology Solution Consultant (TMC)

A TMC is a highly skilled technician who can work onsite at a customer’s location as part of a comprehensive services agreement between your company and theirs. When service calls are scheduled ahead of time by management, TMCs often provide proactive maintenance services that keep your client’s equipment running smoothly without interruption from technical problems or downtime caused by outages or malfunctions in their systems or networks.

3. Enterprise Account Executive

The Enterprise Account Executive is the highest-paying tech sales job. As the name implies, this role is designed for those looking to work with larger companies or organizations. This can mean working with a large number of clients or serving as a project manager for a specific client. The Enterprise Account Executive will have experience in many different areas and will likely be able to work independently. However, they may also be paired with a sales manager or other staff members on larger accounts. They must deliver results quickly and efficiently while ensuring that each customer receives personalized attention.

4. Field Sales Representative

A field sales representative works on the frontline, selling products and services to businesses and individuals. They travel a lot, so they need to be comfortable with being away from home for long periods of time. They are also responsible for calling on customers, which requires them to have excellent people skills.

5. Strategic Account Manager

The Strategic Account Manager position is another highest-paying sales job option because it requires more advanced skills than the Enterprise Account Executive position. This role requires someone who has excellent communication skills and can build relationships with clients over time – but they must also have an understanding of technical details to offer advice when necessary. Strategic Account Managers are often responsible for overseeing multiple projects at once, including creating proposals, managing budgets, and ensuring deadlines are met by all parties involved.

6. Global Strategic Account Executive

The global strategic account executive position is one of the most highest-paying sales jobs out there – and it’s also one of the hardest to get. You’ll have a lot of responsibility as a GSAE; not only will you be responsible for managing all aspects of your accounts, but you’ll also take on additional responsibilities for other areas within your department or even across different departments. This could mean you’re managing multiple clients across different regions or countries at once or even managing new product launches at scale while simultaneously improving relationships with existing clients.

7. Senior Account Executive T4

Senior account executives (SAs) work directly with clients to sell complex products or services to them. SAS conducts business development activities such as providing strategic advice, managing projects and developing long-term customer relationships. They are also responsible for building trust with customers so they will feel comfortable doing business with you in the future. SAS often reports directly to senior executives or sales teams dedicated entirely to a particular industry or vertical market segment.

8. Enterprise Account Manager L65

Large Enterprise Account Manager L65 is the world’s highest-paying tech sales job. It pays a $250k+ base salary, plus commission and bonuses. The average salary for this position is $300k. Most interviewers are former Oracle executives, so if you’re interviewing for this position, you’re probably already familiar with Oracle’s products and services. You will be expected to have 10+ years of experience selling enterprise software solutions at a senior level, preferably in customer relationship management (CRM) or supply chain management (SCM). You must also have strong negotiation skills and experience managing large accounts (those with budgets over $1 billion).

Tech Sales Jobs like this typically requires 3-5 years of experience in enterprise sales, so it might be difficult for someone fresh out of college to break into this field without first getting a few years under their belt as an entry-level sales associate or account manager at another company.

9. Large Enterprise Account Executive

Large enterprise account executives are responsible for selling to businesses with a minimum of $500 million in annual revenue. They are typically hired by an IT consulting firm or a large technology company that has partnered with the business to provide them with technology solutions. The job may also be outsourced to a third-party agency, but the salesperson will still be working under the supervision of the company they represent. The average salary for this position is $141,000 annually, with some making as much as $200,000 annually.

10. Midmarket Account Executive

Midmarket account executives work with businesses with between $50 million and $500 million in annual revenue and are members of their target market. They can represent any technology company, but they often sell to companies in industries like retail and banking. These positions require strong communication skills and excellent knowledge about the latest trends in technology so that you can provide your clients with valuable insight into how these technologies can impact their business. The average salary for a midmarket account executive is $96,000 per year.


It’s no surprise that a good knowledge of technical terms is necessary for success in technology sales. There are a lot of tricky technological aspects to sell. Ultimately, technology sales jobs can make you a killing if you know the business, but they can also be incredibly difficult to master if you don’t understand how to sell the technology in the first place. So, if you’re serious about going this route, learn all you can before diving in.

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