Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: Is it Worth it?

Are you looking to break into the tech sales industry?

Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp is the ultimate guide for those who want to learn how to become successful tech salespeople. This bootcamp provides comprehensive training on everything from lead generation and cold calling techniques to product demos and negotiation strategies. With their step-by-step approach, you’ll be able to quickly gain the skills needed to land your dream job in tech sales.

Is the Careerist tech sales BootCamp all worth it? This blog post will guide you through all the nitty-gritty details to help you land your dream job.

What is Careerist’s Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Careerist’s Tech Sales BootCamp is an online program that offers comprehensive training for those looking to break into tech sales. It provides a step-by-step guide, from lead generation and cold-calling techniques to product demos and negotiation strategies. It will also have a dedicated time for software testing, leveraging in the job market, built-in internships, tech support, and more.

Through the BootCamp, you will gain insight into the world of tech sales, and with the guidance of experienced industry professionals, you will be able to develop the skills needed for success.

What Will I Learn in the Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Careerist’s Tech Sales BootCamp curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive education on all aspects of the tech sales industry. To provide you with an idea of the Careerist’s program offerings through their bootcamp, here’s my honest take on each one of them:

Careerist’s Manual QA Course Bootcamp

Quality Assurance (QA) is crucial in tech companies, ensuring websites and mobile applications perform as expected. Software QA Engineers – or software testers – thoroughly scrutinize systems for any bugs that could impact user experience before they ever reach the public eye.

Who is this for?

This course offered by Careerist is so simple that it is practically for everybody with no prior experience required. Manual QA automation BootCamp students will be accorded lifelong learning skills that will prepare them for good jobs.

What Will You Learn in Manual QA Course Bootcamp?

This program offers a comprehensive introduction to software testing fundamentals, from basics such as manual test planning, execution and documentation to advanced topics such as writing automated tests. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify opportunities for automation and create solid test cases.

Pros of Manual QA course

This course offered by Careerist is one of the best program offerings under this tech sales BootCamp. It is simple yet effective, and you can expect to gain knowledge on various topics.

With the high degree of flexibility that the tech industry needs nowadays, this offering by Careerist is a bang for your buck. Manual QA jobs in the industry today is a high-paying job. The median salary for Quality Assurance workers are at $74k annually.

Source: Glassdoor

Careerist’s QA Automation Bootcamp

If you have zero tech background and want at least a $112K annual wage in the tech industry, then the AQ Automation Bootcamp offered by Careerist is a good idea. Quality Assurance Analyst is a high-paying job, and the automation part of it is even more sought after.

Who is this for

This course is perfect for those without prior software engineering experience. It teaches you the basics of automating mundane tasks, from environment setup to scripting and coding.

What Will You Learn in QA Automation Bootcamp?

This QA Automation Bootcamp offers a comprehensive introduction to automation tools such as Selenium, Behave and Phyton, and other functional testing frameworks. You will learn how to identify suitable candidates for automation, establish and maintain test environments, write scripts using various frameworks, build your algorithm from scratch, and troubleshoot issues.

Pros of Careerist QA Automation Bootcamp

The QA Automation Bootcamp offered by Careerist allows you to develop your skills in software engineering while also honing your tech sales skills. By the end of this course, QA automation students will have a complete understanding of automation tools and frameworks used in the industry today.

Once you land as a QA automation engineer doing software quality assurance, you will laugh all the way to the bank. According to Glassdoor, your annual pay could range from an estimated $112k to an average salary of nearly $97k annually!

Source: Glassdoor

Careerist’s Sales Engineering Tech Sales Bootcamp

At Careerist’s Sales Engineering Tech Sales Bootcamp, you will master the tech sales process from start to finish. A sales engineer is the bridge between customers and tech companies, working to ensure customer expectations are met.

Who is this for

This course is perfect for those who want to be a sales engineer. This course offered by Careerist can be availed of by anyone who is tech-savvy, tech-curious, and practice those who are new to tech sales.

What you will Learn in Sales Engineering Bootcamp

You will learn how to identify customer needs and develop tailored solutions that match those needs. In addition, you will get hands-on practice in pitching products and services and closing deals with customers. This is one of the most exciting career services in the industry today.

Under this sales engineering course, you will immerse yourself in more than 30 interactive training sessions done live for six weeks. The system will include topics such as the sales process, customer engagement, market research, account management, and project management.

Pros of Careerist’s Sales Engineering Tech Sales Bootcamp

The course offered by Careerist is one of its kind since it focuses more on the practical application of sales engineering. With this course, you will gain sales engineering knowledge and valuable skills essential to the tech industry.

Companies always look for talented sales engineers who can demonstrate their sales engineering knowledge and hands-on experience. With this sales engineer course, you can easily prove that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in tech sales.

According to Glassdoor, a Sales Engineer in the United States could be earning a lucrative salary of an estimated $117,556 annually. On average, though, most earn around $79,076 per year – making this one career choice that fulfills both financial and professional goals!

Source: Glassdoor

Careerist’s Systems Engineering Bootcamp

Systems Engineers are in high demand, enjoying lucrative salaries and doing work that truly makes a difference. Tapping into this career offers immense long-term potential for motivated individuals who want to impact the world around them.

Who is this for

This course is perfect for those who have some experience in software engineering or development but are looking to hone their skills and gain an understanding of systems engineering principles.

What you will Learn

At Careerist’s Systems Engineering Bootcamp, you will learn systems engineering fundamentals, an essential facet of automation and software development.

By mastering the essential concepts and various automation tools available in the market today, you can efficiently create automated solutions that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Pros of Systems Engineering Bootcamp

At Careerist, you will get hands-on experience in system development and design. With the help of our experienced instructors, you can develop a deep understanding of the subject matter and be able to apply your knowledge to build complex automated systems.

By taking part in this systems engineering course, you will get access to various resources and study materials. This course will teach how a systems engineer boosts productivity in the sales cycle.

Pay-wise, Systems Engineers are among the best tech career in the US today. A Systems Engineer in the United States earns an impressive annual salary, often reaching $112,036! On average, these professionals bring home about $83,416 each year.

Source: Glassdoor

Careerist’s UX Design Course

The UX Design course at Careerist is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of user experience design principles and processes. It focuses on helping you develop the skills necessary to create intuitive, easy-to-use applications and websites.

Who is this Course for

This course is perfect for those with some knowledge or experience in software development but looking to learn the fundamentals of user experience design. It is also suitable for individuals looking to explore a career in UX/UI design.

What You Will Learn

At Careerist’s UX Design course, you will get an introduction to the principles and processes of UX design. This includes learning about user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, web application testing, and more.

Pros of UX Design Course

This course is taught by experienced instructors who will share their knowledge and expertise in user experience design. At Careerist, you’ll learn from industry experts with a wealth of experience in the field.

In addition, this course offers access to various resources and study materials for further exploration. Upon completion of the course, you will also receive a certificate that will make you more attractive to potential employers.

The average starting salary for professionals in this role is around $81K per year. However, with additional experience and qualifications, your annual earnings could reach nearly a special $100K!

Source: Glassdoor

Teaching Method for Careerist’s Tech Sales Bootcamp

One impressive feature of the Tech Sales Bootcamp offered by Careerist — be it the automation course, the QA job, the manual QA course, or systems engineering — is that it has a one-on-one mentorship. This hands-on approach ensures that students receive all the guidance and support they need to succeed.

The course is divided into several modules, each focusing on a different topic and offering comprehensive information about sales strategies and techniques.

The BootCamp also provides ample opportunities for networking and job search support. This includes access to a network of industry professionals, access to mentors, and career advice.

The intensive online training of all the courses covering all essential topics like software testing and the fundamentals of job placement service provides students with an armor to slay a promising IT career.

Beyond the course, students will also be guided on their resume development. Instructors of the course will serve as career advisors to boost your chances of success in job sites.

Duration and Cost of the Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp

Unfortunately, all the courses mentioned above are offered independently of each other. But that does not make it any less. I like that you will focus on critical areas to increase your chances of a successful career.

In other words, this Tech Sales Bootcamp is not for those who want a bird’s eye view of what tech sales are. What it will offer instead is for you to focus on a particular area to boost your chances of landing a job and doing your job effectively.

Here’s the duration and cost for each of the tech sales courses offered by Careerist:

  • Manual QA course: 15 weeks
  • QA Automation course: 15 weeks
  • Sales Engineering course: 10 weeks
  • Systems Engineering: 6 months
  • UX Design: 14 weeks

Careerist offers a fantastic deal for all the courses for these tech sales bootcamps. This one bundle payment of $6,900 covers your entire tuition and fees for QA Automation, Python, and SQL training with full access to JAS. Plus, you don’t have any further financial obligations on the horizon! And if it doesn’t work out, no worries as there’s a 100% money-back guarantee so you can pursue the career of your dreams without taking any risks.

However, the UX design course is the cheapest offering to date. Billed at $2,950, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to gain over 160+ hours of experience and expert feedback, plus mentorship support in the job search! Jump-start your career with an internship that includes real case studies and access to JAS before mid-December. Even better – there’s a guarantee of employment afterward!

Should I select the sales engineer course or the QA automation course? The answer depends on how you plan the trajectory of your IT career! The choice boils down to you. But if all else fails, one thing that makes this boot camp a cut above the rest is its money-back guarantee.

Review of the Instructors’ Expertise

The instructors at Careerist are all highly experienced professionals with expertise in tech sales, UX design, and QA automation. They provide real-world advice and strategies you can use to succeed in the industry. Plus, they understand the difficulties of the tech industry and help guide students through any challenges they may face.

Each instructor is passionate about their field and provides their students with the necessary tools to succeed. They are also eager to help you find a career path that fits your lifestyle.

Advantages of Enrolling in the Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp

Careerists’ Tech Sales Bootcamp provides several advantages for developing their tech sales skills. Here are just a few of the benefits:

• Industry-Relevant Courses – All of the courses offered by Careerist are comprehensive and cover critical areas such as QA Automation, UX Design, Python, SQL, and Systems Engineering. These and other soft skills you can gain will surely revolutionize the entire company’s infrastructure. And you know what that means — a salary increase!

• Mentorship Support – Students will have access to mentors who can advise them on career paths, provide feedback on projects, and help with networking opportunities. I consider this a built-in internship and undeniably one of the best career services components of this tech sales boot camp.

• Job Placement Guarantee – Careerist offers a job placement guarantee after the program so students can start their career in tech sales immediately. You can rest assured that the job search process will undoubtedly be streamlined. With a Careerist certification, you can boast of your job market skills. Who knows, you will get that mid-level tech position! You see, the job application process will surely be a breeze!

• Affordable Cost – The boot camp cost is relatively affordable, making it accessible to those who may not have the financial resources for more expensive programs.

• Soft Skills Acquired – You can develop these skills by taking the Careerist courses: active listening, effective communication, confidence, time management, public speaking, and growth mindset. These will be very helpful, from acing job interviews to landing a high-paying tech job!

What follows are just some real-world examples of successful Careerist students who got sweet success in their IT career. This particular Reddit user finds the resume template and the corporate training most useful:

Another graduate has this to say about Careerist’s unique learning flexibility modalities as posted on Switchup:

review for the careerist tech sales bootcamp

Cons and Other Bootcamp Challenges

Let’s say you are a sales engineer aiming to upskill, will the Careerist’s tech sales BootCamp all worth it? I can genuinely vouch for this in the affirmative. The Careerist team has pooled tech support specialists and tech support professionals to boost your chances of acquiring soft and hardcore skills. From acquainting you with computer systems to its job application service, the Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp is a must-try.

However, you also need to be aware of the challenges that come with the territory. Some of these are as follows:

Course Intensity in Careerist’s Courses

The courses might be intense and demanding, requiring you to dedicate time and effort. Budgeting your time in advance is essential since you’ll need to commit multiple hours each week to complete coursework and attend lectures.

Learning Curve

You should also be prepared for the learning curve of such a program. With so much to learn, it means you’ll need to keep up with the pace of the courses. This is why it’s important to research beforehand and prepare for the challenge.

Networking Skills

Similarly, Careerist’s tech sales boot camp also requires students to have strong networking skills to make connections and land a job after the program. You’ll need to cultivate good relationships with your peers, instructors, and potential employers.

Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: The Ultimate Verdict

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Best Features: Interactive Modality, Peer-to-Peer Coaching, Job Assistance, top-caliber instructors, affordability

The Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp is an excellent program for those looking to upskill and break into the tech sales industry. At the end of the course, Careerist Alumni can surely apply what they learn to manage computer systems and implement software solutions.

Overall, the Careerist Tech Sales Bootcamp is an excellent program for those looking to break into tech sales or upskill their current knowledge in the industry. Its comprehensive courses and job placement guarantee make it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to succeed in tech sales.

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