Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to elevate your career in the tech industry, there are a handful of tech sales bootcamps you could try. But personally, one of the best tech sales bootcamps I can recommend is the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp. From their excellent online learning platform and tech sales BootCamp curriculum to their personal career coach, this is your springboard to landing high-paying tech careers.

Aspiring young salespeople who wanted either to be a sales development representative, a business development representative, or just entry-level sales jobs will find the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp a valuable venture.

To help you navigate the tech sales career track with Springboard, I compiled the pros and cons, as well as other important details, in this comprehensive review. I hope this will help you make the ultimate decision to upskill yourself with the help of Springboard.

However, before jumping into the course, here’s a quick video about tech sales:

Springboard in a Nutshell

Springboard is an online learning platform that specializes in helping professionals get skilled up and acquire cutting-edge industry certifications. They have a wide range of learning programs, ranging from data science to UX design courses, as well as tech sales bootcamps.

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp has been designed with the goal of teaching participants how to succeed in the competitive tech sales industry. It provides tech-savvy sales professionals with an in-depth understanding of best practices and strategies essential for success in this field.

The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including Lead Generation and Prospecting, Sales Presentation Best Practices, Sales Analytics, Product Positioning and Differentiation, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Strategies, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The program also offers personalized career coaching, so you can get tailored advice on finding the perfect job opportunity and making a successful transition into the tech sales world.

Schedule and Payment Options

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is offered as an online program, so you can work at your own pace and convenience. It is estimated that it will take participants between six to nine months to complete the course.

The cost of participating in the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp depends on how you would like to pay for it. You can either pay in full or opt for the installment plan. The fee is inclusive of all course materials, personalized career coaching and unlimited access to their online learning platform, as well as job search resources.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate or ease into your learning goals, their courses offer a flexible schedule that fits with almost any lifestyle. With 15-20 hours of dedicated study per week, you can finish faster and end up paying only for the months it took.

Scholarship Options

Springboard also offers a few scholarship programs to help eligible learners cover the cost of enrollment. The scholarships they offer are targeted to special sectors, previously non-tech workers, and prospective students. If you belong to the sectors below and wanted to engage in an self-paced experiential learning that will help you to become a sales professionals master that has good market value, explore your options. Here are scholarship being offered by Springboard:

Women in Tech Scholarship

The women sector accounts for 40% of the total workforce in the tech industry, according to Springboard. It plans to expand that even more with this scholarship program. It awards female learners with a scholarship that will pave the way for women to land exciting careers in the tech industry. The live learning sessions of Springboard for women include data, coding, cybersecurity, or tech sales Career Tracks.

Diversity in Tech Scholarship

If you belong to an underrepresented community, don’t miss the chance to apply for Springboard’s scholarship! This opportunity is open to people of African American, Hispanic or Latino descent; Pacific Islanders; Native Americans and Alaska Natives; Middle Easterners ; LGBTQI+ members ; gender nonconformists; veterans/US military personnel and refugees. Persons with disabilities are also welcome, so check if it could be your moment today!

Needs-Based Scholarship

With the average US tech worker salary skyrocketing to over $97k (Forbes, 2021), those of us with lower income may be feeling left behind. To bridge this gap, Springboard offers a Needs-Based Scholarship for individuals whose household earns less than $30,000 annually. Through this great opportunity, you can help reach your current and future goals without putting yourself under financial strain!

Applying for a Springboard scholarship to help you with the cost of your dream course is easy! Just submit an application form related to the program and indicate that you are interested in these amazing scholarships. Once approved, all you need to worry fr now is how to pave your tech sales career track, upgrade your skills and enjoy high pay sales roles in the future.

Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp Curriculum: Will it help you score big in the tech industry?

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp curriculum is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the tech sales world. From learning how to create compelling sales presentations, to developing a deep understanding of product positioning and competitive analysis techniques, this program has all the necessary ingredients for your success.

It is no wonder why Springboard has raked the best online BootCamp award from 2019-2021 from Course Report. The tech sales skills acquired through the online curriculum offered by Springboard offer strong sales fundamentals for every student. In other words, a job guarantee is secured with the soft and technical skills as acquired from enrolling in the program. It also prepares students for their job search strategy, leveraging their tech sales skills and communication skills.

Springboard’s Tech Sales Bootcamp: Coaching that gives you the edge to enter Competitive Tech Careers

What I like about Springboard is that it offers its online offering using straightforward mechanisms. In other words, they are devoid of the noise. The Springboard Career Services Team makes sure you are retrofitted to score high demand tech careers, be it a tech sales representative, tech sales director roles, a sales development representative, or a business development representative.

Springboard’s most helpful weapon is its mentors. Their expertise transforms even those with zero background in tech sales into top-performing tech sales professionals. Aside from your mentor, each learner will also be assigned with a student advisor whose role is to provide personalized career coaching.

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is taught in a live instructor-led format. All instructors are experienced tech sales professionals who have worked in the tech industry for many years. They offer real-world insights and best practices, making them highly qualified to help participants gain the skills they need to succeed in this field.

Job Placement Assistance and Career Support

Springboard provides job placement assistance to all its participants. Their expert career coaches will help you create a personalized resume, practice for interviews and negotiate salary offers. Your communication skills will also be optimized in their online learning platform.

You career coach will be there every step of the way. Plus, they have a dedicated jobs portal with tech sales positions from leading companies around the world. This makes your tech sales career track easier, making your entry to the tech industry as smooth as possible.

Whether it’s an average tech sales job or a member of sales teams of various tech companies, the learning you will get from Springboard’s tech sales bootcamp will be your biggest asset.

Pros and Cons of Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp

Just to be balanced with this review, I have laid out the pros and cons of Springboard. It should be noted that my overall assessment of this bootcamp is relatively high, and the cons specified below will just apply to a few people. But it won’t erase the fact that it is definitely one of the best online courses today. Here are the pros and cons of Springboard:

The Pros:

• Comprehensive tech sales curriculum that covers a wide range of topics

• Personalized career coaching to help you find the perfect job opportunity

• Flexible payment options, so you can pay in full or opt for an installment plan

• Access to their online learning platform and a variety of job search resources

The Cons:

• Short-term program that may not be suitable for those who need more time to learn

• Limited international student options

• Course materials and lectures are all delivered online, so it might not be suitable for those who prefer face-to-face classes

Just to make a point: the decision will ultimately be made by yours. But by the looks of it, the pros here outweigh the cons, and the after-course benefits will truly be rewarding. The tech industry’s leading companies are offering lucrative jobs, which will all the more make it worthy to invest in Springboard.

Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: The Final Verdict

Overall, the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is a great way to get started in tech sales. With comprehensive course material, personalized career coaching and job placement assistance, it provides an effective system for launching your tech sales career. The instructors are experienced professionals who offer real-world insights and best practices that will help you gain the skills necessary to succeed in this field. If you’re looking for a bootcamp with all of these features under one roof then look no further than Springboard’s Tech Sales Bootcamp!

Once you’ve finished the bootcamp, here’s how you can penetrate the tech sales market!

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