Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp Review: Is it Worthy of your Time and Money?

You may have heard the news that sales engineers, tech sales reps, or those occupying different tech sales positions in tech companies are having the time of their lives nowadays. Tech sales professionals are enjoying competitive salaries and the perks that come with the job in the tech industry. So how do you get into the trend? Check out the Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp!

The Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp is one of the must-try technology sales bootcamps today. In this blog post, I am going to lay out the different strategies and benefits of this boot camp, and how you can break into the lucrative world of the tech sales industry. Read on and let me help you become successful as in-demand tech sales professionals.

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp in a Nutshell

The Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp is a comprehensive five-week program designed to help tech professionals and wannabes develop the necessary skills they need to break into the tech sales industry. It covers topics such as sales processes and techniques, product demos, competitive analysis, customer segmentation and targeting, lead generation, pipeline management, negotiation strategies, pricing tactics, and more.

The different sales strategies are lumped together in their so-called Sales curriculum, which will equip future salespeople with relevant training aimed at landing them lucrative jobs in a tech company. Accordingly, graduates of this boot camp who venture into becoming tech sales reps or being a member of any sales team in tech companies earn as much as 66,000 USD in their first year doing different sales jobs.

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp Curriculum: Is It a Guarantee to Land a Tech Sales Job?

While landing a job is not a guarantee for everyone, I can honestly say that the curriculum of Victory Lap is packed with relevant topics that will help any aspiring salesperson be successful in the tech industry, be it in software sales or selling tech products like desktop computers and software solutions.

Even those with zero sales experience or no tech background can have a lucrative career in the industry, as the boot camp will take you through the sales process and develop your communication skills. The latter is an integral part of the Victory Lap curriculum and will pave the way for many sales opportunities that are abundant in business today. To give you a hindsight of how the Victory Lap Curriculum will be delivered in a span of five weeks, here is what you are going to expect:

Week 1: Upgrading your Communication Skills

As you are prepared to take on new sales opportunities, the first week will be about packaging yourself to succeed. You will be taught to ace the interview process, and outperform experienced candidates.

Week 2 and 3: Sales Curriculum In-Depth

For the next few weeks, expect to dig deeper into the tiny details of tech sales that will help you understand customers and businesses better. Some of the things that will be discussed here include learning how sales tools and basic analysis point you to the best clients. This includes learning SaaS products and how to network with people to be of optimum service to them.

Week 4: Focus on Cold Calling

On the 4th week of Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp, students will learn about the intricate task of cold calling, among other things. It will also teach students how to engage with a customer to sell services and other technology packages.

Week 5: Capstone Project

Through this Capstone project, you can demonstrate the strengths that make your sales skills stand out from those of even very experienced candidates. This is a great way to start off strong and knowledgeable when beginning a new job. Just take some time beforehand to brush up on your portfolio! Through this course and its accompanying projects, you will gain all the essential tools for climbing quickly toward success as an elite seller in technology sales.

Simply put, the learnings you will gain from the 5-week BootCamp will impress hiring managers, sales teams, and companies offering tech products. The relatively short time will give you the basics, but those who want to upgrade more may have to look at other bootcamps that offer their curriculum in a much longer phase. Nevertheless, the short time offered by the Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp is just enough for you to position yourself to be a successful tech sales professional.

Reasonable Tuition at Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp

Interested students can avail of this bootcamp for only $5,889. This is fairly affordable for any aspiring tech sales professional and is a great opportunity to gain practical skills in the industry. Being able to learn from those who have already achieved success in this field will be one of the best investments you can make for career growth and development.

The good thing about this boot camp is that it has two options for paying for your tuition. It is one of the many tech sales boot camps nowadays that offer a competitive package. The training, as well as the subsequent benefits, will make it worth your while. It is also worth noting that this can be a great way to save since there is no need to worry about fluctuating interest rates or accrued debt!

Income Share Agreement

Under this option, you will have to pay nothing, but you need to agree on the percentage of your salary that you will give Victory Lap when you successfully land a tech sales job. This usually ranges from 7 to 15 percent, depending on the company and where you are located. Once you’ve secured a job, your repayment journey begins, and guess what? You’ll be paying back 8% of each monthly salary for the next two years.

Contingent Payment Plan

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp offers Contingent Payment Plans for those who want to get started on their career journey, with no upfront cost and complete flexibility. You’ll only start making payments after you land a job earning at least $30k per year, then pay back your tuition in either 24 or 48 fixed monthly installments—much better than the 8% of salary required by an Income Share Agreement!

Quality of Instruction

Given that the boot camp only runs for five weeks, will the quality of instruction suffer? Absolutely not. Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp offers quality instruction, with courses designed by Industry Professionals who have years of experience in tech sales.

The faculty is there to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your new skills before you even start job searching. This boot camp is purely delivered online, so you have the convenience of learning from home.

Tech Sales Positions After Graduating

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp graduates can benefit from the excellent job placements in different companies that have partnered with the boot camp. Not only will you get access to job postings, but you’ll also receive personalized support in creating a powerful resume and improving your interviewing skills. Victory Lap will even provide career coaching so that you can be sure you’re making strategic decisions about your future. Sales reps are just one of the many jobs you have after graduating, some of which are as follows:

Sales Engineer

A Sales Engineer is a type of technical salesperson who bridges the gap between engineering and sales. They work with customers to understand their needs, develop solutions, and then demonstrate how the product or service meets those needs. Sales Engineers focus on complex technical products and services that require significant knowledge of both the customer’s industry and the product they are selling.

Account Manager

An Account Manager is responsible for managing individual accounts for the company and the relationships that come along with them. They are the primary contact point between the customer and the organization and work to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a timely fashion. They also handle tasks such as negotiating contracts, ensuring customer satisfaction, and generally making sure that the customer’s experience is as positive as possible.

Sales Development Representative

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is an entry-level role that focuses on developing relationships with potential customers. They are responsible for lead generation, nurturing prospects, and qualifying leads in order to turn them into paying customers. An SDR works closely with the sales team and is typically given targets that must be met in order to measure their success.

Will there be New Sales Opportunities in the coming years?

Source: BLS

With a projected growth rate of 6% from 2021–2031, sales engineering is a great field to consider for aspiring professionals! Over the next decade, about 6,900 openings are expected annually, making room for rising talent.

For those already on this career path looking ahead, any current employees who move into different occupations or retire open up even more opportunities. Hence, now is the time to upgrade yourself and be victorious in the coming years!

Networking with Tech Sales Professionals during the Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp also provides an opportunity for you to network with tech sales professionals. During the boot camp, you’ll be able to join virtual meetups and talk to experienced tech sales professionals who can provide valuable insights into the industry. Plus, you’ll have a chance to get your resume in front of potential employers and make valuable connections.

All Things You Need To Know to Get Tech Sales Jobs

The curriculum and all other features of the Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp offer everything you need to know about tech sales. From the basics of lead generation, to advanced closing strategies, you’ll literally be learning from the best and most successful tech sales professionals in the industry.

There are also dedicated sections for networking, building relationships with mentors, and job hunting tips that will help you succeed in your career. With weekly feedback sessions and personalized guidance along the way, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to take on any tech sales challenge.

Here’s how you can get into tech sales FAST!

Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp: The Final Verdict

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

Best Features: shorter time, reasonable tuition, payment options, relevant curriculum

If you want to be victorious in any tech sales job, but have zero background in tech sales and relatively no experience in a tech company, the Victory Lap Tech Sales Bootcamp is the best choice for you. With its shorter duration, personal coaching and networking opportunities, quality instruction by industry professionals, and convenient payment options, Victory Lap is certainly a great choice for anyone looking to break into the tech sales field.

The tech industry is one of the industries nowadays that is booming, with the boom in technology being obvious. Interested salespeople must ride into this phenomenon by attending technology sales bootcamps like the ones being offered by Victory Lap Sales Bootcamp.

Check out my other articles about tech sales that can guide you as you venture into the world of tech sales. I have covered a lot of topics in this industry, like how to get a tech sales job, and I hope that that can help you make that big career switch. Go where the opportunity is!

If you want to consider other bootcamps, here is a video that you might like:

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